Applications and Permits

Engineer Employment Application


With regard to the Ohio Revised Code, any work done privately within a County road’s right-of-way requires a written permit from the County Engineer. These permits are required to ensure that work within roadside right-of-ways meet Paulding County standards.

Permits are free of charge and will be issued upon approval from the Paulding County Engineer.

Click on the desired permit, print and complete the form, and send to:

Paulding County Engineer’s Office
801 W. Wayne Street
Paulding, OH 45879

Application to Tile Open Ditch

An applicant must file this form in preparation for installing a new driveway, enclosing a ditch or gutter with tile, or replacing an existing drive pipe. Each application will be evaluated based on potential water flow, length of enclosure, and zoning regulations. An appropriate tile size and type will be recommended for each application.

If you are installing a new driveway on a County road, you need to contact the Paulding County Engineer’s office to receive a driveway permit. A two week minimum notification is required to effectively process your application. If you are installing along a Township road, please contact your Township Trustee. A State permit is required if you are installing along a State or Federal Highway.

Road Type / Contact
Township Road / Township Trustee
County Road / (419) 399-2433
State/Federal Highway / (419) 399-2746

Installing a pipe without authorization and/or that impedes the flow of water could result in a legal situation between landownders or being forced to correct the problem at your expense.

Application to work across county roads

This permit is required for work that will involve a cut across county roads. Working across a county road will require additional planning to coordinate road closures and public notices. The applicant will be subject to sign rental and set up fees. Examples may include installation of a new outlet pipe or buried utilities.

Application to work along county roads

This permit is required for a variety of work including ditch work, shoulder work, tree planting, buried utilities, and any work not covered by other permits.

Application to Transport Loads in Excess of Legal Limits(PDF, 344 KB)
This permit is required when oversized or overweight vehicles are being moved over County roadways. Moving mobile homes, heavy equipment, houses, and barns are some examples of special permit projects.

It is the Engineer’s Department duty to oversee and inspect all permit projects. Representatives will work with the applicant before, during, and after the job to ensure the project is completed in a safe and timely manner. Upon satisfactory completion, a written or verbal release will be granted to the applicant.

Please contact our office for additional permit information and to arrange a meeting with a representative regarding your project.