Paulding County Building Requirements

The following steps need to be taken prior to building in Paulding County:

This permit will notify the Paulding County Auditor of new development and inform you if your property is involved in a Flood Hazard area. If you live in a village, check with the village first.

Paulding County Auditor (419) 399-8205

Failure to purchase a Building permit could result in late fees, penalties, and stoppage of work.

A township zoning certificate is required before beginning development in Benton, Blue Creek, Carryall, Crane, Emerald, Harrison, Latty, Paulding, and/or Washington Townships.

Auglaize (419)-393-2628
Benton (419)-399-4613
Blue Creek (419) 393-2876
Brown (419) 594-3979
Carryall (419)633-2610
Crane (419) 786-0000
Emerald (419) 399-3171
Harrison (419)786-9788
Jackson (419) 399-4236
Latty (419) 203-1921
Paulding (419) 399-4613
Washington (419)-438-8509

A village zoning certificate is required before beginning development in any Paulding County village.

Antwerp (419) 258-7422
Broughton (419) 399-3645
Cecil (419) 399-0520
Grover Hill (419) 587-3225
Haviland (419) 622-1030
Latty (419)-399-5315
Melrose (419) 594-2133
Oakwood (419) 594-2211
Paulding (419) 399-4011
Payne (419) 263-2514
Scott (419) 622-6801

Failure to purchase a Zoning certificate could result in fines and stoppage of work.

State law says you must contact Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) two working days in advance if any digging may occur. Utility companies will mark any underground cables on your property.

Ohio Utilities Protection Service: (800) 362-2764

Failure to contact OUPS could result in fines, penalties, and possible injury.

An appointment must be made with the Board of Health to approve your new or existing septic and drinking water systems. The Board of Health Inspector wiill need drawings showing either where your new systems will be installed and the distances from each other, or where existing systems are located.

Paulding County Health Department (419) 399-3921

Failure to contact the Paulding County Board of Health could result in fines, stoppage of work, and/or imprisonment.

If you are installing a new driveway on a County road, you need to contact the Paulding County Engineer’s office to receive a driveway permit. A two week minimum notification is required to effectively process your application. There is no cost for the county permit, but information as to the proper size will be conveyed. Click here to download application.

If you are installing along a Township road, please contact your Township Trustee. A State permit is required if you are installing along a State or Federal Highway.

Road Type / Contact
Township Road / Township Trustee
County Road / (419) 399-2433
State/Federal Highway / (419) 399-2746

Installing a pipe without proper authorization and/or that impedes the flow of water could result in a legal situation between landownders or being forced to correct the problem at your expense.

Some Townships have laws requiring that developers contact the Trustees for any information they may have regarding development. Your Township Trustees should be able to answer your questions regarding local laws.

Failure to do this could result in additional costs to comply or stoppage of work.

If you are building in or near a waterway in Paulding County, the Army Corp. of Engineers has the authority as to what type of development is allowed. Building near the bank of a waterway or near a wetland could require you to apply for permits.

Army Corp. of Engineers: (419) 898-3491

Failure to contact the Army Corp. of Engineers could result in fines, stoppage of work, or reconstruction of your structures.

Paulding County Flood Plain Regulations

Permission must be obtained from the Paulding County Engineer’s Office for any extensive movement or rearrangement of ground surface contours (ponds, embankments, causeways, boat ramps, etc.) which occur upon or within a 100-year flood plain as depicted on Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Any structures including, but not limited to, houses, garages, barns, etc., which are built in or upon a flood plain, must meet specific standards in order to be permitted by the Engineer’s office. These standards vary according to location.

Banks and/or lending institutions also check the flood plain maps to determine property locations before lending money on properties located in the flood plain. Once all standards are approved through the Engineer’s Office, the bank and/or lending institution may or may not approve loans or mortgages for structures located within the flood plain.

There appears to be a popular tendency toward filling in low-lying areas. These low-lying areas serve as temporary water retention resources and filling them in increases the likelihood that the displaced water will end up in less desirable location.

Increased development means increased water run-off. This increased water run-off, along with continuing improvements to farmland surface and subsurface water drainage makes the preservation of these natural temporary water storage areas important. It would be unfortunate if we had to replace the low-lying water retention areas which nature has provided, with costly man-made reserve areas.

The intent of these regulations is to prevent the flooding of existing structures and to monitor the building of new structures which would be vulnerable to flooding.

Questions on these regulations and/or reports of possible violations should be forwarded to:

Paulding County Engineer’s Office
801 West Wayne
Paulding, OH 45879
Phone (419) 399-2433
Fax (419) 399-3363

Flood Plain Maps

Paulding County GIS website

Click on Map (on the right side of the page), Click on Layers, Check Dynamic Layers, Check FEMA Flood, Then check Base Flood Elevation and Flood Hazard Areas.  You then can click on the desired township and zoom in to see the flood hazard areas in blue.

Paulding County Application for Approval of Minor Subdivision

If you are going to create a parcel that is less than 5 acres this application needs to be filled out and taken to the Paulding County Engineer’s Tax Map Office located in the basement of the Paulding County Courthouse.

Minor Subdivision Form
Application Minor Subdivision  Form Pg. 2

**Page 2 MUST accompany first page only if it’s a building lot**
**Any questions pertaining to Page 2, please contact Health Dept. 419-399-3921**

Planning on Building in Paulding County

Building within a Flood Hazard

Flood Hazard Application Pg 1

Flood Hazard Application Pg 2

FEMA-National Flood Insurance Program Elevation Certificate and Instructions (2019)

Address Plates for Mailboxes

Paulding County Surveyors

Garcia Surveyors, Inc.
P.O. Box 2628
Whitehouse, Oh 43571
Phone:  877-0400
Fax: 419-877-1140

Brad Core, P.E., P.S.
Div. Of Material Testing Inc.
1660 S. Defiance Trail
Spencerville, Ohio 45887
Tel: 419-647-6163

Thomas J. Henry, P.S.
Registered in Ohio and Indiana
22119 Gruber Road
Defiance, Ohio 43512
Tel: 419-428-4461
Tel: 419-782-5200

Bockrath & Associates
Brice Little
115 S. Fair Ave. Suite A
Ottawa, Ohio 45875
Cell: 419-371-6606
Ottawa Office: 419-523-5789
Napoleon Office: 419-592-0771
Fax: 419-523-5799

Douglas Eis, P.S.
D.W. Eis Surveying
16-883 State Rt. 281
Holgate, Ohio 43527
Tel: 419-438-5786

Scott Strahley, P.E., P.S.
9197 TR 95
Paulding, Ohio 45879
Tel: 843-412-8080

Howbert Surveying, LLC
Michael L. Howbert, P.S.
8477 Mericle Rd
Fort Jennings, Ohio 45844
Tel: 419-863-0289

Kyle J. Binkley, P.S.
121 W. Auglaize Street
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895
Tel: 419-236-3768 (cell)
Fax: 419-738-7716

Niese Surveying & Engineering
Justin Niese, P.E., P.S.
211 E Main Cross Street
P.O. Box 112
Miller City, Ohio 45895
Tel: 567-825-1523(cell)
Fax: 866-803-7342

Other Federal State and County Agencies

Federal Agencies
U.S. Government of Agricultural Stabilization FSA: 419-399-3841

State Agencies
Ohio State Highway Garage (ODOT): 419-399-2746

County Agencies
Auditor’s Office: 419-399-8205
County Commissioner’s Office: 419-399-8215
County Extension Building: 419-399-8225
Election Board: 419-399-8230
EMA/Disaster Services: 419-399-3500
Recorder’s Office: 419-399-8275
Health Department: 419-399-3921
Soil and Water Conservation District: 419-399-4771
Treasurer’s Office: 419-399-8280


Land Splits

Here are a few of the more common things required for land splits in Paulding County for your information:

  1. All splits must be at least 1.5 acres. Split less than 1.5 acres must be approved by the Paulding County Commission. Unless split is being combined
    with an existing parcel of land to enlarge said existing parcel of land. Or a hardship exists with the split that will not allow a 1.5 acres to be split. In which case proof of hardship must be shown to and approved by the Planning Commission.
  2. Split must adhere to each Township road frontage requirements. The following is each townships minimum frontage in feet:
    • Auglaize Township:  Not Zoned
    • Benton Township: 100 feet
    • Blue Creek Township: 210 feet
    • Brown Township: Not Zoned
    • Carryall Township: No minimum frontage
    • Crane Township: 300 Feet
    • Emerald Township: 200 feet
    • Harrison Township: 200 feet
    • Jackson Township: Not Zoned
    • Latty Township: 210 feet
    • Paulding Township: 200 feet
    • Washington Township: 200 feet
  3. All splits must have road frontage (per township requirements) unless new split is accompanied by an ingress/egress easement which then must be approved by the County Engineer or as stated in #1, split is being combined with an existing parcel of land as one parcel of land.
  4. Splits of 5.0 acres or less must have a Minor Subdivision Application completely filled out and accompany legal deed prior to approval of said deed.
    Application can either be attained at the Engineer’s Office in the basement of the Court House, or on the Engineer’s website
  5. Surveys by a licensed surveyor of the State of Ohio must be done for a split to be accepted.
  6. Parcel splits with village limits myst adhere to Village regulations. County Engineers Office only regulates township splits.
  7. Please contact Engineer’s Office prior to having land surveyed to check for possible flood zone infringement.
  8. The ONLY way to combine two or more adjoining parcels of land is to have said parcels legally described as one parcel by legal description done by licensed surveyor. May also require a survey plat to be done.
  9. A list of surveyors who do work in Paulding County can be attained either in the County Engineers Office in the Court House or on the County Engineers website.
  10. The price of a survey can vary among alot of things. The following are just a few of the things that can affect the price of a survey:
    • How far the surveyor has to travel to the land to be surveyed
    • How much information is available from prior surveys in the area of proposed survey
    • How much existing survey monumentation is available in the area of proposed survey
    • The amount of foliage on the trees (easier for a surveyor to see thru a tree with no leaves than a tree full of leaves)
    • Are there crops in the fields (takes more time for a surveyor to walk thru a field full of crops than a field with no crops.)
    • Snow on the ground or frozen ground (surveyor has to dig thru snow for survey monumentation or thru frozen ground for survey monumenation)
    • Is the land to be surveyed hilly or flat (easier for a surveyor to see over flat land. Surveyor can not see thru a hill which means more setups
      which means more time)
    • Has the surveyor already done work in the area (if so, the surveyor may know where some of the existing monumenation is and won’t have
      take as much time looking for it)
    • There are more variables depending on the surveyor used.